The Game Developer's Journal: Let's Play! [Pretend]: The Amoeba of Light

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Let's Play! [Pretend]: The Amoeba of Light

I have recently updated the blog. Two more
pages have been added to give a synopsis of the game, and to introduce the cast.

You can also click the blue button on the sidebar, which says "What's the Amoeba of Light?" to find the synopsis page. Look for it in the top-right corner of the blog.


I have a clear picture in my mind of how this game will look. It's different for you, the reader. The fact is that you could have read every single blog post up until today and still not know how the game works. 

Well let's imagine you're playing for the first time, okay? You will be using an iPhone, as that is the target platform. After starting up the app, a slideshow resembling a storybook plays, introducing you to the plot. The level begins right after, showcasing the colorful and uplifting opening theme. 

The user interface is very minimalist. No life bar. No stats. Almost nothing at all. And right there smack dab on the bottom of the screen is Amoenu, waiting for input.

Start out by touching the screen anywhere. Look at there! Amoenu follows your finger; the further away it is from him, the faster he scoots. On coming to a ledge, what you'll do is tap the wall across from you. Amoenu slings out his pseudopod (that's a fancy word for "fake arm") which sticks to the surface. He then yanks himself across the gap.

Try that again, except this time tap the screen as he is flung towards his target. When you curtail the move, Amoenu detaches from the wall, or ceiling, or whatever. And then when you tap again at a different point, he relatches. This creates a swinging motion.

Do that a few times, back to back. Does this look familiar to you?

It is very likely that I was inspired by the web slinger to add this mechanic. Inspiration comes from so many places.

Up ahead is a tree. Now I don't want you to just pass it by. Do you remember the Use Anything Environment that I talked about several posts back? Tap the rock next to Amoenu, and he will pick it up. Now swipe your finger across the screen in the direction you want to throw, and BAM! Hopefully you were aiming towards the tree. The branch broke off, and now you can use it as a weapon or tool. Neat, huh?

You should have noticed that when you picked up the rock, and now the branch, an icon appeared in the upper left.  "How could I notice it. We're only pretending!" you might say. And to that I say, "Exactly."

Use the skills you've learned to move, jump over gaps, and break stuff. Up until now the world around you hasn't been very important, but now you meet your first challenge. 

So you come to a brook that is emptying into a pool of water. Above the pool is a jutting cliff. But it's waaaaaaay up there, and you can't just swing to it. Next to you is a broken down cart with a very large stone wheel. What should you do? 

Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

It's your choice. That's the whole point! The main idea of "The Amoeba of Light" is using your creativity to solve problems. Let's say you push the cart into the water, which is very deep. Swimming to the bottom of the lake, you break off a wooden slab from the cart, and due to differences in density, the plank rushes to the surface. It shoots up high into the air--with you hanging on--allowing Amoenu to leap onto the ledge above. 

Hey, it's a game, give it a break! But keep in mind that Amoenu doesn't need to breathe underwater.

Maybe this has given you an idea of what it will be like to play the game. With deadly creatures, Wisenchyme as a helper, and more, it will add up to a truly fun experience. I may revisit this topic next week, so stay tuned!

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