The Game Developer's Journal: Take One, Take Two, and Pokemon

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Take One, Take Two, and Pokemon

My laptop is the creation hub for Amoenu's adventure. I do everything on there.

At this very moment, it's in a repair shop ready for me to pick up. I haven't worked on there for almost a week; and then before that, I had to bring the laptop in because it wouldn't even
 turn on. It suffered major repercussions after I tripped over the power cord and caused the system to crash to the dining room floor.

So storyboarding and cutting back is all I've been working on. 

This is like the third time that I've informed the audience of changes to the game. So I want to share with you an idea I have: multiple releases.

Early next year, what the world will see is a taste of "The Amoeba of Light." Now don't get me wrong, you'll be able to play a full, complete game right then and there. After that initial release, however, several other versions of the game will stock the App Store shelf. Each version will have additional features and will feel like an expanded edition of the game. They will build on each other.

Are you familiar with Pokemon? Ever since the advent of Pokemon Red and Green, both of which released for the Game Boy in 1996, this famous game franchise has produced over a dozen sequels, all of them being optionally referred to as "versions." Each title shares several similarities. And that's sort of how my game will work.

In fact, I even thought of naming the release versions "silver," "gold," and "bronze," to describe the progression of the game from its first to final edition. The versions aren't sequels; yet they also aren't just patches. In effect, splitting the game into versions is a marketing strategy that I hope will present my game in a unique way. 

The idea is to add big features to each release, not just little touch ups. It sounds so much funner this way! As fans look back on the different adaptions of the game, I want them to treasure--even feel nostalgia over--the previous editions. Hopefully I will have the final release out within a year of the first, with the full feature list that I had in mind. 

Iterate, correct, and reiterate. By doing it this way, "The Amoeba Of Light" can improve quickly. That's another reason I'm using this model.

Maybe you'd like to hear a little about me? I'm pumped up for Super Smash Bros 4, especially the Wii U adaption (versions again). It's like my favorite series! In commemoration of this marvelous event ( I can make some cash on the side) I've decided to create clay figurines based off the fighters!  Turns out it's harder than I thought. That little project is currently put aside, but I haven't quit it. If I ever post some on eBay, you'll be one of the first to know.

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