The Game Developer's Journal: Let's Play [Pretend]: The Amoeba Of Light - Part 3

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Let's Play [Pretend]: The Amoeba Of Light - Part 3

In this final "Let's Play [Pretend]," we'll look at what happens when Amoenu gets crushed by a redwood, discover what Wisenchyme is good for, and try to find shelter from a dangerous storm.

Let's pick up the journey right after the nematode battle...

You awaken from sleep. Place your finger on the screen to move and lets get going! As you  can plainly see, Wisenchyme will just trial right behind you. 

A giant hole? Could be dangerous. How about you leap over it first to see if there is anything on other side. Indeed, there is another way around this; in fact you can simply skip it. In the game, you'll find times where a path diverges and it's your choice which way to go. This isn't an original idea, yet we can only assume that the paths will actually meet at some point. You are daring, so you choose to jump into the abyss.

It's dark and damp down here. Amoenu and Wisenchyme splash into two inches of water. Move a little to the left; do you see that? It appears to be a pulley system that is ages old...pull the lever by holding your finger over it and sliding towards Amoenu.

That door next to it opens, but when you try to run through it--WHAM--it shuts only half a second too soon. Obviously, it's time to get creative. There's nothing in your backpack that would seem to solve the issue: all you have is an axe, some twine, a few pickled melon rinds, a lamp, and that globular fruit you plucked off the seaweed. 

Why not get Wise to help? What, you didn't tell me that was your idea! 

Just tap Wisenchyme, and then tap the lever. Now you can travel inside. But now there's another problem: what about Wisenchyme? Thankfully there's a button system on your side of the door...that takes two people to activate. 

It feels like we're playing a LEGO game now. What we really need are three party members--one to pull the lever and two to stand on the buttons. Here is where your creativity can shine. 

First, don't forget there are many ways to solve this problem. Second, do you remember that fruit in your pack? It explodes. Just throw it at the door!

Bravo! The tunnel ends right up there, so let's camp once we get out. Outside it's raining, and it's starting to pour down hard, too. Because "The Amoeba of Light" has a weather system, things may start to get hairy, so we'll want to be ready to take cover if necessary.

Minutes pass and the wind picks up.

It's really blowing out here! Lightning is striking trees, fires are starting (yes, real fires that interact with the environment), and trees are falling down. You'll want to move into cover before--

You died. It's a good thing you camped back there so we won't have to start waaay back. The weather is randomized, which means it may not be stormy today--and indeed, it appears to be calm.  I hear a ruffling above us. The game transitions to the cut-scene introducing Phesgul, and he joins your party to help you find the treasure. But he's only pretending, so I guess that makes two of us.

Thank you for following me in this "Let's Play" sequence. Through all the game's ups and downs, twists and turns, a few major themes are clear. One of those is the creative thinking that allows you--and anyone--to overcome each obstacle. 

One day, I'll have to do a real "Let's Play" to show you how it all turns out.

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