The Game Developer's Journal: Is he friend or foe? The Story Continues

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Is he friend or foe? The Story Continues

Summer is nearing an end, sort of.
In less than a month, Autumn begins!  Feel the refreshing breeze and listen to the rustling leaves.

I like summer, but I enjoy when the colder months set in. The air ripples with some kind of mysterious aura--cool nights, a quiet atmosphere, and dim-lit skies; they all set the stage for a sense of something marvelous. Particularly, looking up into a starry night as the snowy weather nears...I can't quite put my finger on it.

In recent years, I've looked for the marvelous, even longed for it.  And when it's me all alone in the still air, I can sense it more than ever. What is it? It's something more. Something.

Well I simply wanted to express my soul there. Now let's get to the main part: the story! Because I've changed from a dynamic cut-scene to slideshow format, the game's plot won't be as deep. But here I will give extra details which won't be in "The Amoeba of Light" to paint a prettier picture.

We last left off with Boegull in a rage. After discovering that Phesgul had betrayed the group to find the treasure himself, Wisenchyme set off to tell Amoenu of the what happened. Due to minor changes (more or less), the story no longer includes this part. Instead, Phesgul heads off secretly with noone knowing except his friend Boegull. Wisenchyme and Amoenu begin the journey together, and are unaware of Phesgul's plans.


The world around them was dense with leaves. There were things sprouting up from everywhere, and it appeared as though anything could grow in this land. "I smell water," said Amoenu. Wisenchyme glanced toward the sky.

"I thought I did as well," he paused, "but I believe it is that." He pointed upward. Amoenu quickly followed his arm, afraid for just a moment that something wretched would meet his gze. You know how our minds can instantly jump to horrible conclusions. But no, suspended on the branches above were bundles of bright yellow balls. They were bumpy and had a slight lime-green hue.

"I want to try that," Amoenu said suddenly.

"Eh--don't know if it's poisonous."

"Probably not. I don't care anyway." Amoenu stretched way high up and plucked the the fruit from it's place with a few tugs. 

In the next tree over, they heard a rustle. Amoenu crept up under it and there was... "Phesgul?" He said it as if he wasn't really surprised, like they had met up at a party or ran into each other on the street. Phesgul dropped down from the tree and thudded on the dirty ground, his hat littered with twigs and leaves.

(Image from cut-scene outlines) Phesgul joins the crew.

"What...are you doing here?" Asked Amoenu

"I was--" Phesgul stopped and looked at Wisenchyme. "I wanted to join you both. I changed my mind, but--of course--you were already on your way."

"Well, it will be beneficial to have three of us instead of two." Wisenchyme added in.

"Definitely. I feel a little better now," said Amoenu.

"How does that taste?" Phesgul was eyeing the fruit. "I was going to try one of those."

"Very sour. A little sweet. Taste like seaweed, too." All three travelled on for days and days until one rainy night. A rocky edifice became their shelter from the storm. They were very tired and quickly set up camp so they could go to bed. After he heard the soft, rythmic breathing of the others set in, Phesgul decided to make his move. He found Amoenu's backpack and delicately untied the strap. Then he took the map and left.


Here's what's up with development: creating outlines for the new slideshow cut-scenes, contacted Chris Newton (previous publisher of Indie Game Magazine) for press coverage, and that's about it. Once my laptop is repaired (it's not an expensive fix, and I'm thankful to God for that) I can begin programming and making assets. 

About Chris, I actually interviewed him about a year ago. I believe my connections with him will propel the product forward. 

Image of Autumn by Bert Kaufmann, under CC Attribution 2.0 Generic License. Not my property. 

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