The Game Developer's Journal: Meet the Amoebas

Meet the Amoebas

If you want to learn about the cast, or just in case you have no clue how to pronounce their names...


Amoenu (uh-MEE-new)
As the main character, Amoenu is the one ready for adventure. But it is really the desire for more that leads him on.

Wisenchyme (WISE-in-KIME)
Wisenchyme is Amoenu's best friend--he calls him "Wise" for short. And that's not a unfitting name at all...

Boegull (BO-guhl)

Boegull is a natural leader, and in fact, he heads the Treasury meetings. But he will have to revisit his childhood horrors to receive restoration.

Slub (How it looks)

I want to know who names their child slub. Look it up in the dictionary.

Phesgul (FES-jul)

Phesgul is the nemesis in the story, but there is more than meets the eye. There always is, isn't there?

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