The Game Developer's Journal: A Peek At Music

Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Peek At Music

Two weeks ago, we looked at marketing in the videogame industry. Today, let's dive into the subject of music. By the way (in case you didn't know) I posted nothing last week because I was out of town.

Now, I'm not actually working on the musical part of "The Amoeba of Light" right now. I'm currently replying to messages for potential job recruits. You see, I need some animators to draw up the cut-scenes. Maybe we can explore that in a different post.

What is the most memorable game music? There will be a million different answers of course! For me, it's got to be the Pikmin theme. I haven't thought of this question before though, so its not like I have an answer ready. It could just as easily be one of the songs from We Love Katamari. If you want to play a game that's very weird and just as fun, try that one.

For my favorite musical score--that award goes to Super Mario Galaxy. The game boasts orchestral pieces that work marvelously with the outer space theme. It's an explosion of awesome harmony.

This game rocks. The musical score is on par with the graphics.
I'm looking for that live-orchestra-type feel for my project. The reason is because of the game's adventure theme. You see, Amoenu and Wisenchyme will be traversing though many, many different areas. From sea to land, to mud, to snow, to forest, to coral reef, to marsh, to tundra, to barren plain--they will see it all (except space). The game is meant to give the experience of "playing a movie," which also points to its dramatic score. I'm leaning toward film music.

Partners in Chime 

I've already talked with David Levy from Studio Malibu about recording music and attaining licenses. David is apart of the Levy Entertainment group, which--look at there--includes his last name! (Hey I wonder if he had any part in founding the company...).

David was able to inform me on recording possibilities and even offered to host the music recording in his studio. If I choose to use his services, he can get in contact with record labels to get permission to use their works. Through him, or another company like his, I can attain a license to use "The Light In Me" and "7x70." Once I get the needed funds in hand, I plan to call him back and talk business.

Right now I'm in a College CLEP program that leads me through the process of getting a degree by gaining credits. My program coach, Peter Marshall, has offered to employ his musical talent to compose the music for my game. For free! How kind. The current plan is for him to write the music, and for a studio to record it. We'll see what happens.

Where We Are Going

Places. We're going places, that's where. The music production, the animation, and the programming are on halt until a few things happen. Here is what I need:

1) Money. To be more specific, I need moolah somewhere in the 100K range.

2) I have to solve the issue of programming Amoenu's body. Remember that?

3) I've got to make a final decision on who to hire.

The money is on it's way. Somehow it will come, I believe that. Yesterday I decided to host a contest (properly called a "Grand Challenge") to see who can create a program that best meets my requirements for Amoenu's body. That hasn't started yet, but when it does, I'll keep you posted. As far as who to hire, that'll be solved in no time; I just have to see some samples and make decisions.

Music arouses the soul. It has the ability to dig up thoughts and emotions that lie within your heart. In my game, the music helps to tell the story and nurtures the emotion that I want to encompass every player.

To wrap things up, watch this lyric music video for "The Light in Me." This is the trademark song that gamers will relate to "The Amoeba of Light" for years to come. Every time I hear the song, I play a montage through my head and get re-excited about the game. :D

Super Mario Galaxy image by darkness on 

Lyrics music video by JakeSD19 on YouTube. 

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