The Game Developer's Journal: Innovation is Modernization

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Innovation is Modernization

I decided to replan; not throw out what I had done before, but try to make concrete, organized goals that would help unveil a vision of the game's immediate future. 

Planning is kind of a boring word. I mean, I even have a bent towards planning the majority of what I do. But the word can give connotations of schedules, bland to-do lists, and other papers with lots of words and no pictures.

Though it depends on what pops into your head when you think "planning." Imagining future outcomes of a fun project in the making, that's the kind of planning I'm doing. I can let my heart and mind explode with grand ideas of what could possibly happen if fun had no limits. Making games is great! It's not all sunshine and lollipops, but it's very satisfying to press on and do what you know you're called to do.

All the ideas I've annexed to the original concept have to be severed or shined, removed or finalized. Let me share some with you. :)

Voice-Overs and no Dialogue Boxes

Now you don't have to read anymore! Every word of every character in "The Amoeba of Light" will be spoken by a stunningly handsome voice-actor (which, in case you're wondering, won't be least I don't think so). Unless the character is female. Then it'll be a stunningly beautiful actress.

Weather System

It rains. It strikes lightning. It obliterates entire ecosystems with mighty gusts of wind. "The Amoeba of Light" features a realistic storm system that will make exploring much more exciting.

Optional Difficulty Progression Challenges

Stop. Don't let your eyes glaze over. ODPC's are just specific challenges that cause the normal action in the game to be more difficult. But you get rewarded if you succeed. An example would be delivering a fragile package as a favor to someone--you now have to be cautious with every step you take.

God willing, I'd like to include all of those ideas.

My game is very centered around innovation. I like doing something new as long as it improves the quality of whatever I'm doing.

Something I want to do with "The Amoeba of Light", and with many other projects conceptions, is to break traditional rules and allow myself to reconsider everything for the sake of a better, funner game.

Nintendo is a company that has exibited this tactic well; not always to the approval of the watching world, but still, they merit an applause from thier efforts. I personally commend some of thier inventive concepts.

One particularly novel idea in my amoeba game has to do with how Amoenu and Wisenchyme respond to fatigue. Don't forget, those are the main characters!

 Being based on a day-night cycle, the game allows the player to adventure sunup, sundown, and every time in between. 

You don't even have to sleep. That's your choice. But withholding needed beauty rest will prevent Amoenu and Wisenchyme from performing at an optimal level. They might need to stop every few moments, or thier actions may be sluggish. Control accuracy is even affected because  the lack of energy hinders precise movements. But if you time your sleeping schedule, you can choose to adventure through the day or night like a champ.

I think the sleep/fatigue feature will be a fun addition to add realism. That could add depth to the game too, now that I think of it.

But the most groundbreaking idea in "The Amoeba of Light" has yet to be revealed.


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